Babcock Mill


panoramic 100cm on FujiFlex Crystal Archive Paper

purchase - €3,000

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“To capture the essence of the beautiful state of West Virginia, I spent many days exploring the 4127 acres of the Babcock State park. When I came across the charming old grist mill, I was transported back to the days of the early settlers, who used the lifeblood of the river to turn the wheels of the mills to grind their grain. Glade Creek still tumbles its way over its timeworn rocky bed, as it has done for centuries and I could feel its history as it rushed past my feet. The composition was perfect—the mill framed by the gentle backdrop of the fall foliage, and the meandering stream adding a magical element. I waited for a slight backlight coming through the overcast skies to brighten the scene, then squeezed the shutter—this shot is an absolute classic!”. 

Peter Lik